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The Furr-ever Friends category of the National Cat Awards focuses on tales of friendship between children and cats.


Chicken shares an incredible bond with Elliot, 11, who has autism and suffers with anxiety.

When Elliot is facing stressful times, just talking about his faithful feline friend is enough to help bring calm. And when Elliot needs quiet time but doesn’t want to be alone, Chicken is by his side for company and a soothing purr.

Photo credit - Press Association


Jessica, who has a chromosome disorder, autism, epilepsy and learning difficulties, shares an incredible bond with her best friend Max.

Not only is he a playmate and companion, Max even raises the alarm when Jessica has a seizure. And Jessica takes care of Max by helping him take his daily heart medication. Whatever comes their way, Max and Jessica face it together.

Photo credit - Press Association


Thirteen-year-old Harry, who has autism and ADHD, struggles with anxiety, making it hard to leave the house or attend school. But thanks to Teddy, Harry doesn’t have to face his challenges alone.

Always there to share a game, snuggle up for a snooze or simply for company and support, Teddy helps Harry cope with everyday life.

Photo credit - Press Association

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