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The Hero Cat category of the National Cat Awards aims to herald heroic cats that save the day


Jack - Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Everyday life can be scary for 23-year-old Marcia, who suffers from global autonomic dysfunction. The condition means Marcia experiences sudden seizures, causing her to blackout with no warning.

Fortunately, Marcia has Jack, the 17-year-old family cat who, without any training, can sense the subtle changes leading up to a seizure and raises the alarm.

Runner up

Truffles - Swansea, West Glamorgan

With husband Aubrey recovering from a brain injury, Susan was in the garden while he rested. But when Truffles came dashing outdoors in a frantic state, she knew something was wrong.

Following Truffles indoors, she found Aubrey in the midst of an epileptic seizure. In the last few months of Aubrey’s life, Truffles would raise the alarm whenever he needed help.

Runner up

Walter - Swandlincote, Derbyshire

Hazel Parkyn has type 1 diabetes and a drop in blood sugar as she sleeps can have life-threatening consequences. Fortunately, pet cat Walter is always there to save the day.

Sensing when her blood sugar is running dangerously low, Walter will persistently pat her face until she wakes, giving Hazel the vital warning she needs to take action.

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