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Our Moggy Marvels category of the National Cat Awards focuses on jaw-dropping tales of moggy brilliance.

Willow – Moggy Marvels winner

As diabetic Amanda slept one night, she had no idea that her blood sugar had fallen dangerously low, causing her to lose consciousness. Thankfully Willow was there to save the day – rushing to Ray, who had fallen asleep in front of the TV. Biting his leg and frantically pacing, Willow led Ray upstairs where he discovered that Amanda was unresponsive and called 999 for life-saving treatment.


When David adopted rescue cat Beau, he had no idea what a positive impact she would soon have on his life. Just 18 months later, David was diagnosed with incurable blood cancer and faced gruelling treatment and painful symptoms. But throughout it all, Beau was his constant companion, never leaving his side and even batting him awake when his breathing slowed.


Plucky Dali had been missing for a month when she was eventually found – marooned on a tiny patch of rocks in the Bradford Beck river. Exhausted, hungry and in need of treatment to her claws – which had been damaged during her efforts to scale a 15ft wall to safety – Dali was otherwise unscathed from her four-week ordeal.

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