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The Most Caring Cat category of the National Cat Awards focuses on cats that have a positive impact on an owner's health or wellbeing


For 23 years, kidney patient Maddy has needed life-saving dialysis to remove deadly toxins from her body. Five times a week, she connects to a machine for up to seven hours – all under the close watch of her dialysis buddy, Archie.

Archie knows when Maddy needs space to insert needles, before hopping up for a cuddle and to keep her company in the long hours ahead.

Photo credit - Press Association


Coral was a teenager when a painful condition left her bedridden and unable to walk. But she always had a loyal friend by her side – Misty.

When Coral learned to walk again, Misty would appear whenever she heard Coral’s crutches – a friendly face to cheer her on. Six years on, and Coral suffers post-traumatic stress disorder, but Misty is there to calm her.

Photo credit - Press Association


Former stray Spuds may have saved the lives of six people – including a newborn baby – when he raised the alarm as deadly smoke engulfed the family home on Christmas Eve.

The quick-thinking puss repeatedly leapt on owner Brendan’s chest to wake him after dripping fat from the turkey, which had been cooking overnight, created plumes of smoke.

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