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The Outstanding Rescue Cat award in the National Cat Awards focuses on felines adopted from animal welfare organisations.

Jasper and Willow

Brother-and-sister duo Jasper and Willow are much-valued members of the team at St Peter and St James Hospice.

The two cats spend their days visiting patients receiving end of life care, helping their families and friends feel at ease, and bringing a ray of sunshine to staff on difficult days. Since arriving in 2018, the pair have brought comfort to countless people at the hospice.

Photo credit - Press Association


Jennifer was 26 when she hit rock bottom and felt suicidal. But something pulled her back - Millie.  

Thinking of her beloved cat inspired Jennifer to seek urgent medical help, and throughout her recovery Millie was at her side. Despite suffering fibromyalgia, things are now better for Jennifer, and on the bad days, Millie is still there for comfort and support.


When Murdoch was adopted by Gwen and Peter, he was a bag of nerves. Through love and perseverance, the couple won him round and he became a much-loved pet.

But tragedy struck when Peter died soon after a leukaemia diagnosis. This time it was Murdoch’s turn to be the strong one. Never leaving Gwen’s side, helping her cope with comfort, companionship and entertainment.

Photo credit - Press Association

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