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The Outstanding Rescue Cat award in the National Cat Awards focuses on felines adopted from animal welfare organisations.

Category winner - Mikey

After her baby boy was stillborn in July 2017, Jessica shut herself away and became overcome with grief.

But after taking in one-eyed stray Mikey, the darkness began to lift.

As Jessica nursed Mikey back to strength, he helped ease the pain of grief. Four years later, Jessica and partner Connor have now welcomed a new addition – son Jenson.

Photo credit - Press Association


Olivia was just 17 when she hit rock bottom. Diagnosed with psychosis, she was tormented by traumatic hallucinations and negative thoughts, and attempted to take her own life.

Change came with the arrival of Nala, who helps Olivia come round when in the grip of a psychotic episode, and gives her a daily support system.

Three years on, Olivia has gone from strength to strength and is now studying computer science at university.


When tiny kitten Tobi came into Misha’s life when she was ten-years-old, he was the glimmer of hope she needed.

During a traumatic childhood, Misha suffered mental health issues, attempted suicide and was taken into foster care at 15.

Having been allowed to keep Tobi with her, Misha had a constant source of companionship and comfort, and a friend to help heal her emotional scars.

Photo credit - Press Association

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