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The Star Team Award celebrates the incredible work carried out across the UK by amazing volunteers. We need your help to vote for the team you'd like to win.


Frome & District Branch

In an innovative collaboration spearheaded by volunteers, a four-pen mini cattery was installed at a local college.

Animal care students now provide day-to-day care for up to eight cats, under guidance from Cats Protection and supervised by teachers. The scheme means more cats in need are helped, while students get a greater understanding of feline welfare.

Runner up

Bolton & Radcliffe branch

Looking for ways to help more people care for their cats, volunteers joined forces with two local food banks to provide cat food and offer neutering assistance.

The branch has helped countless cats and their owners by taking the strain off people in financial difficulty, ensuring their cats are fed while also reducing the number of breeding cats locally.

Runner up

Glasgow Branch

Volunteers worked tirelessly for nearly a week to remove 70 cats from one flat. With most of the cats needing socialisation and neutering, the team faced a major challenge dealing with such a large number of cats.

Yet by working closely as a team and with other branches, centres and vets, all 70 were soon taken into the charity’s care.

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