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Want to raise money to help cats but can’t decide what you want to do? Take a look at our nine ways to fundraise and get inspired to do something individually or with friends, at home or work, online or in person – there’s something to suit everyone!

Host a sweepstake or bingo game

You could organise a bingo night in a community venue, or host your game online using a live stream. To do a sweepstake you need one question (eg how many steps will I walk this week?) and people donate to guess an answer.

With either activity, just ask for a £2 donation to take part and aim to get as many friends or workmates involved as you can!

Have a clear out and hold a sale

Declutter your house, loft or garage and put your pre-loved items on sale. You could sell online using websites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, or get a pitch at a local car boot sale.

You could even arrange a sale in your street and boost donations with a cake stall or by selling plants to your neighbours.

Give something up

It could be an indulgence or something you love like chocolate, wine or crisps. Or perhaps you have a bad habit that you could give up like swearing or talking too much? Start a ‘swear jar’ or take on a sponsored silence and your family and friends will no doubt support your challenge.

Just don’t forget to tell people what you’re doing before you start!

Enjoy a night in

Invite your friends round for a boys/girls night in with games and entertainment and donate the money you would’ve spent on a big night out.

Alternatively you could host a virtual cinema night using Netflix Party, allowing you to synchronise video playback and create a group chat so you can enjoy a movie marathon with your friends without leaving the sofa!

Brave the shave

It’s a classic! Whether you dare to shave your whole head, or wax a particularly hairy part of your body, this idea is sure to inspire people to sponsor you.

Make sure you share the date of your challenge in advance and you could consider live streaming it online so that friends and family can watch your transformation!

Dress up

Arrange a fancy dress or dress down day at work (with your boss’s permission) and ask for a small donation to take part. Or if you’re artistic, why not offer your services as a face painter at a local fair, festival or a friend’s party?

Face painting is fun for both adults and children, just make sure you can do a cat design!

Arrange a competition

It could be a football tournament with workmates, a mass table tennis game, a board game night with friends or a gaming competition if you’re a fan of esports. Whatever appeals to your competitive streak!

Just ask players for a small donation to take part or enter a team and have lots of fun.

Host a disco or music night

Hit the high notes with a karaoke night or even challenge your friends to an X Factor-style competition with a panel of judges. If you prefer to throw some shapes rather than sing, how about organising a disco?

You could hire a local venue, host a party at home or use a live stream platform to get people involved from wherever they are!

Share your skills

Do you have a hidden talent or a unique skill like hairdressing, photography, crafts, massage, cookery or foreign languages? Offer your services for free and people will be very happy to donate in return.

While some activities work best in person, you might reach more people by live streaming a cookery demonstration or doing an online make up tutorial.

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