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Find out about some of the beautiful cats we’ve been able to care for this year thanks to our supporters and volunteers.

We know some gamers struggle with their mental health and that gaming can help them to manage some aspects. We also know lots of people find having a cat improves their mental health considerably, so we think asking gamers to help save cats’ lives makes perfect sense.

Thousands of cats need us every year – whether they’re abandoned, abused, in need of medical care or their owners simply can’t care for them any longer. We’re only able to care for these cats and treat them with kindness and an understanding of their needs thanks to people like you fundraising for us.

Stitch finds new family as loving as him

Stitch came into the care of Cats Protection’s Rochdale Branch under devastating circumstances. His owner had tragically died after being hit by a car in front of her flat, and no one was able to care for him. Poor Stitch was all alone until we found him somewhere to stay with some of our fantastic volunteer fosterers.

They found Stitch to be so lovely they slept in the spare room with him to keep him company, and adored his loving behaviour.

It didn’t take long for Stitch to find his new furever home – we love this photo of him curled up asleep!

Stitch in his new home.

Willow’s close call

When a lorry driver in South Wales discovered a seriously injured black kitten in his trailer, he rushed the kitten to our Bridgend Adoption Centre.

Sue Dobbs, Centre Manager, recalls that heart-stopping moment when the driver arrived holding a tiny, shivering bundle wrapped in his jacket: “The kitten, who we called Willow, was in very poor physical condition. She collapsed within a few minutes of coming into our care. We didn’t expect her to survive the trip to the vets, but she hung on.”

After rushing Willow to the vets as fast as possible, X-rays revealed some good news, Willow had no broken bones. However, this vulnerable kitten was suffering from hypothermia and, most worryingly of all, she had a nasty head injury.

The team placed Willow on a heat pad to safely warm her freezing body and cared for her head injury, nursing her back to health. It was clear she had suffered some brain damage as she was hardly able to stand, wobbling on her paws.

The team began to monitor her round the clock in case she had a seizure. Gradually, day-by-day, Willow’s balance slowly improved, and she started to take her first shaky steps around her pen. Soon she was running and playing like an ordinary kitten. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as Willow hadn’t been left with permanent damage.

After a few weeks of recovery, Sue and her team were able to find Willow a loving home where we hope she will enjoy many years of love and happiness.

Willow when she was brought in to our Bridgend centre.

Willow recovered after dedicated care from our centre staff.

Forced to take refuge in a compost bin

Frightened, thin, with matted fur and hungry eyes, you might have seen a cat like Raz in your garden or darting across the street. You might have wondered if they had a home to go to… in Raz’s case, his only refuge was an old compost bin at the bottom of a garden.

To Raz, it didn’t matter that it was damp, cold and choked with weeds. After being abandoned and feeling scared, all that mattered to Raz was that the bin felt safe.

We don’t know how long Raz survived in that compost bin, but he was weak with hunger by the time a lady discovered him. Thankfully, she called us and we were able to rescue Raz and bring him to the safety and warmth of our Birmingham Adoption Centre.

You can imagine how much Raz enjoyed his first bowl of food, purring loudly as he licked it clean. Then, to everyone’s delight, he climbed onto the lap of one of our volunteers and gave her a head bump as a thank you!

He then settled down in his warm, safe cat pen and enjoyed what was probably his first decent sleep in a long time.

This is exactly the kind of warm welcome you could give to another stray this autumn.

Raz is an amazingly affectionate and loving boy, he soon found a new home with a lovely family. He’s well fed, warm and safe thanks to kind people supporting our work.

Raz was found weak and hungry living in a compost bin.

Raz is now well fed, safe and happy in his new home.

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