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Join in with our first cat-themed GameJam!

We had an amazing time teaming up with The Tentacle Zone at Payload Studios to host our very own cat-themed GameJam from 9-19 October.

We've seen some amazing submissions based on our cat themes and we're incredibly excited to share our shortlist of games with you! 

See the GameJam cat themes

Furriends Reunited

Everyone loved this game - from the graphics, game play and depiction of cats to how strongly it tied back to our microchipping theme and the work Cats Protection does!

Communicat - board game

We loved the level of detail put into this game – and it perfectly sums up why looking at your cat’s behaviours and body language is so important to meet their needs.

Chonky Boi

This game brings to life the concerns and issues around cats maintaining a healthy body weight and what that entails: eating the right amount, eating the right things, and exercising.

These are just some of the great games cat lovers put a huge amount of effort into creating as part of the GameJam.

View them all here

Please note these games have been created by independent participants with the aim to raise awareness of cats’ needs. These games were not created by Cats Protection, and should be recognised as creative portrayals of cats.

Want to play games AND help cats?

You can get involved by becoming a Pawsome Player and collect donations while you live stream! You’ll be helping us look after cats and kittens in need all across the UK. You could have a games tournament with friends, play solo, host a cat drawing workshop or even bake a gaming related cake. However much you raise you’ll be helping us make sure cats in need aren’t left in the cold this winter.

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