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If you already know what you’re planning and are a gaming pro this is the page for you

If you need a bit of help check out our Fundraising ideas page.

Get ready…. GAME!

  1. Register your event with us
  2. Set up your fundraising page on Tiltify or JustGiving
  3. Read the JustGiving streaming guide
  4. Get promoting with our downloadable assets

Level up…

  • Use fundraising targets
    Do a backflip when you reach £100, offer to eat as many crackers in a minute for £20. There’s loads of ways you can help raise your total!
  • See if you can give away freebies to viewers when you reach certain targets
    Got a new game you don’t want? Offer it as a prize to your biggest donator in stream.
  • Make sure you thank and interact with everyone who donates in your stream
    It’s great to have their name come up to show their donation and make sure you give them a feel good shout out.

Want a few more tips?

Download our fundraising pack

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