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There are lots of ways you can become a Pawsome Player

If you already know what you’re planning check out our Get streaming page.

If you’re not quite sure what you’d like to do we’ve got plenty of ideas below.

  • Streaming marathon – either a shorter stunt solo or see if you can stream for 24 hours as a team
  • Speed running – see how quickly you can complete some of your favourite classic games
  • Gaming tournament – invite over friends and see who will be crowned champion
  • Gaming party – even if only a few people game you can still host a game-themed party

Check out our fundraising pack for more ideas and tips on how to raise money and promote your stream.

Once you’ve decided on an idea you’ll need to set up a fundraising page to collect your donations – you can either do this on Tiltify or JustGiving

You might also want to download some of our great assets to help you promote your stream.

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