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It’s true, cats rule the internet. View Cats Protection’s very own live webcam stream of cats doing what cats do during the day. Tune in to the live feed and experience what it’s like to be more cat.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation our live webcam is not currently viewable. Once the National Cat Adoption Centre is reopened to the public we will be able to resume our live webcam.

Due to the ongoing pandemic our centres and branches are currently closed to the public. We are continuing to rehome the cats and kittens in the care of our adoption centres and some branches through our hands-free homing scheme.

More information on our hands-free homing scheme can be found here

You can also read more about our latest updates here:

Our webcam will only be live during the daytime (around 9am-4pm)

A typical day in the life of a cat at one of our centres:

  • 8am: feeding time, breakfast is served
  • 9am: our staff focus on cleaning and tidying the centre
  • 10am: the Adoption Centre would usually open to the public at this time but for now things are a little quieter for the cats than usual. For our staff they are busy checking, medicating and spending time with the cats
  • 1pm: afternoon snooze
  • 3pm: dinnertime!

*Please note the above schedule is representative of a typical day for a cat in one of our pens. Therefore, timings and activities may vary depending on the requirements of our cats and staff.

Who is this in the webcam pen?

As the webcam is currently not viewable there is no cat for you to meet, but cats like Millie are typical of the cats you will be able to watch in the future.

Millie was one of our Cat Protection sponsor cats and is just the most sweet and affectionate girl. Millie is always up for a fuss and a cuddle, accompanying it all with the cutest purr! Thanks to our hands-free homing scheme Millie has found her forever home.

If you are not a Cat Sponsor but want to know more about how you can become part of this special scheme, please visit here for more information. You can also buy Cat Sponsorship as a gift for those cat lovers in your life.

If you would like to know more about our new hands-free homing initiative please follow here.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t see a cat?
Unfortunately, we are unable to show the whole pen with our webcams, as each pen has an outdoor area through a cat flat, where the cat can climb, stretch, play and get a little privacy!

Empty pen?
If the pen is empty or cleaned out this is a good sign! This means our previous cat has most likely been rehomed and the pen is going through the stages to prepare it for whoever needs it next.

Black webcam screen?
From time to time, our webcam may be out of action if we are experiencing technical issues. When this happens we aim to resolve any problems as swiftly as possible so please do come back regularly to see more cats in action!

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