More on fostering

We have two types of fosterers, Indoor and Outdoor.

If you are a cat owner with a spare room or a non cat owner you could indoor foster for us.  It isn't an easy job, especially as you can become very attached to your charge, but it is rewarding to take in a stray and take care of it while we find it a new home.

Outdoor fostering means we need to provide you with a cabin in your garden, this is an expensive option and not something we enter into without much thought.  To install a double cabin the costs are in the region of £5000 and when you consider in some cases it can take a day for three fundraisers to raise £60, we have to really believe you are going to be in it for the long haul.

Fostering, indoor or outdoor can be hard work but very rewarding, if you are interested contact us for more information. Contact details

Indoor fostering

Here is a story about some “new” fosterers here at the Swale branch of Cats Protection, to be fair they aren’t actually new fosterers, having just hit the 50 mark in foster cats and kittens in the past couple of years, they have however recently made a serious decision regarding the allocated fostering room.

Marnie is a transplant from America who jumped the Pond (along with her three rescue cats) to marry Colin, born in Barnet and living in Sheerness. A lifelong “Crazy Cat Lady” in the making, Marnie has owned several cats more than 20 years, and worked for decades in Seattle to trap, neuter and re-home whenever possible the local feral and stray cat population. When she moved in with cat-loving Colin, it wasn’t long before their neighbours were knocking on their door, handing them stray kittens and then doing a runner… which is how they met us at the Swale CP Branch.

After juggling foster cats and their own for two years, Colin and Marnie recently decided to do a “make-over” of their guest room and get serious about devoting the space entirely to CP foster cat families. Starting with a "vibrant?" lime green lino which she wanted to resemble grass, Marnie worked up from there to make everything as “cat friendly” as possible. The walls became a very pale yellow that would hopefully be sunny, even on grey winter days. The skirting boards were painted white and decorated with stickers of trompe l'oeil mice at kitten eye-level, and the longest wall was wallpapered with a huge garden scene so realistic that the kittens sometimes try to play with the dried leaves in the picture near the floor. A bookcase was installed with lots of hidey holes and places to sleep, and Colin designed and built a great "kitten racetrack" toy from a free Lino inner tube! The bedding and pillows for snoozing are done in a variety of animal prints making for great photo opportunities.

So far, three families have enjoyed their lodgings in Marnie & Colin’s “Green Room” and all the kittens give the place an enthusiastic “paws up”! We at the Swale branch of Cats Protection do the same for Marnie & Colin, who have little enough room in their terraced house, but more than enough room in their hearts to share what they do have with kitties greatly in need of love, socialisation and housing on their way to “forever homes”. We could use about a dozen more volunteers willing to devote a room in their homes to CP fostering, although, if they draw the line at installing lime green lino, we would certainly understand!

Outdoor fostering

To foster outdoors you need a cabin which we would provide when we are sure fostering is really for you, here are some photos showing a cabin being erected.

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