It started with a kitten

We were approached by Rick as his cat Jess had gone missing while being transported from the vets. Usually with lost cats we can't do much more than provide advice and let people know via social media, but in this case a sighting of Jess near where she went missing resulted in Sally-Anne, one of our volunteers, teaming up with Nicola of the RSPCA in multiple attempts to trap Jess and bring her home, all to no avail.

It was during these attempts that a feisty feral, that we called McVitie, was trapped. This left us with a new problem, he clearly couldn't go back to where he was found, nor could he be homed in a domestic setting. Theresa at Welfare decided that trying to find a farm style environment for him would be worth a shot, even though she wasn't sure it would work, it worked fine. Not only did three people come forward in a day, but one of those people, Angela, offered places for future ferals.

This proved to be a handy offer when a small black ball of fluff that was spotted by a lady called Karen, turned out to be a two week old kitten that set off a series of events that resulted in the finding of thirty-odd feral cats needing help.

Sally-Anne called in reinforcements in the form of Theresa and Nicola as well as Dee and Natasha from Animals Lost and Found in Kent Ltd. The combined forces have been working on trapping and neutering all of the cats and have plans to rehome as many as possible, this could include sending some to eat rodents on farms, which they will be fine with, the cats not the rodents.

When McVitie went to his new home Jess was still missing, that all changed when an eagle-eyed lady with an exceptional memory called Claire, she had spotted a post about a cat matching the description of Jess and swifty informed the owners of her discovery. Unfortunately it took a couple of days for Jess to be returned from her adventures, that included a trip to Ramsgate of all places, but she eventually made it home safe.

Then this morning Pauline - who very kindly provided a home for McVitie - got in contact to let us know that McVitie was warm and eating everything he was given as fast as she could give it to him.

So; Jess is home safe, McVitie has a nice new life, a large number of feral cats are getting ready for a new start and a small black kitten called Bear is thriving nicely in our care after being abandoned by his Mum.

Not the way we would have planned it but it all seems to have worked out fine.

Rob, Swale CP Facebook Editor

Well done to all involved, many hours involved in this operation. Bill, Webmaster