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A Good Reason to Neuter

22 February 2019
A Good Reason to Neuter The below story is both a health warning for cats in the Power Station road area of Halfway, and a potent reminder why you should neuter. This handsome and unneutered male cat was brought to our attention recently. He reappeared near Power Station Road, Halfway shortly after we neutered five kittens he fathered last year, and their mum. As we couldn't neuter without looking for an owner first, we put up a found post. It was due to this we discovered he was well known to the area and had sired at least twenty other kittens. We very swifty picked him up after finding that out. After a week in rescue, while we met our legal obligations on finding an owner, we got him his full health checks. Where the thing we expected but hoped wouldn't happen, happened. He has FIV. FIV is the cat version of HIV. Like HIV it is passed on through bodily exchanges, which means all twenty five of his kittens and their mums have a chance of having it. So one cat without FIV turned into one cat with FIV, and almost thirty felines who potentially had it very quickly. That's assuming those where the only kittens he was responsible for and they didn't have any kittens after. FIV can also be passed on by fighting, something unneutered males do a lot. The amount of felines that can be potentially affected in that area is staggering to think of. If you feel your cat may have been affected then please get them checked at a vet. We don't want to cause a panic or upset people, it's just that people need to know. The good news is that cats with FIV can still live a full and happy life. They will just need to become indoor cats to stop it spreading further. Mr Grey himself will be heading to a suitable forever home in the future once he is neutered. FIV can't be passed on to humans. This story is a perfect example of why we champion neutering. If he had been neutered at the start then this horrible situation could have been avoided. Hopefully anyone reading this with an unneutered cat will now be rushing to change that. We can off vouchers to anyone on benefits or low income, and we still have spaces for our upcoming £10 Chip and Snip event on the Isle of Sheppey. Contact neutering@swale.cats.org.uk If you are outside Swale, please contact a local charity for assistance. Please help us lower the number of unneutered cats in Swale.