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30 December 2018
About Us In the picture below we have the very fashionable uniforms worn by Cats Protection Swale members. If a volunteer is out and engaging with the public, they will be either wearing this or be with someone who is. If someone is trying to convince you they are a volunteer without these items, then please tell them to go get their uniform. If you have any further doubts, or feel someone is falsely claiming to be a volunteer, then either private message our Facebook Page or Email our Coordinator at coordinator@swale.cats.org.uk for clarification. Swale Branch is your local branch. It's run entirely by unpaid volunteers who operate from their own homes, around their jobs, families and other commitments. Swale Branch doesn't have an adoption centre, shop or fixed address. Any calls go to a national landline with the details being emailed to the relevant volunteers. Facebook and emails, on the other hand, contact us directly. Any return calls we make will be from a personal number, not a branch one. Our volunteers have the same legal powers that the public do. We don't run around taking people's cats. We aren't allowed. Unfortunately that means we can't deal directly with abuse cases, the RSPCA have to be told about those. Due to the law we are very careful with owned cats. Any cat reported to us as found is scanned for a chip, paper collared and advertised via our website and social media. We normally spend a few weeks looking for an owner before removing a cat as a stray. The only exception to this is if the cat has clear health issues. In which case the cat's health becomes our core priority. But a cat won't be removed without a chip scan first. Please microchip your cats. We only neuter owned cats with an owners permission. Only a cat's owner can claim a neutering voucher. Ideally we would neuter any cat that needs it, but the law means the owner has final say. Any cats in our care are neutered before being homed. Kittens we rehome will either be neutered or come with a neutering appointment. Please neuter your cats. Contact neutering@swale.cats.org.uk if you are a low income household needing a voucher. We don't set up feeding points in public areas, due to not wanting to feed owned cats. We are fully aware owned cats may be on special diets, and that feeding owned cats can lead them away from home. Trapping cats is only done if we are taking the cat away. Trapping a cat can be very stressful, can result in a cat injuring themselves while trying to escape. and make them wary of further trapping attempts. So we don't trap just to check for a chip. We also make sure traps are monitored so that cats are in there for the minimum they can be, and so that other cats can be scared off without being trapped by accident. We do trap, neuter and return with known feral colonies. In these cases it is always in areas known for feral colonies - like prisons and holiday parks - and it is always done working with the property owners and staff to avoid targetting any owned cats. Any feral we neuter have a small part of their ear removed. This causes no pain to the cat and stops them being trapped again by mistake. Female cats tend to need to be operated on to tell if they are neutered. Ear tipping makes this unnecessary. We would like to finish by assuring people we do not PTS healthy cats and will only euthanize a cat if a vet thinks that is the best option for the cat. We have a number of older cats in our care that can tell you that we don't put cats to sleep just to clear space or save money. Our cats ready for rehoming are on this link https://www.cats.org.uk/swale/adopt-a-cat, please email homing@swale.cats.org.uk if you can give an older cat a loving forever home. Thank you for reading.