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Adopt Don't Shop

28 February 2019
Adopt Don We are firm believers in adopt don't shop. Rescue centres across the UK are filled with cats needing new homes, so there is no reason for people to buy cats while there are so many looking for help. While not all cat breeders are bad, and not everyone selling a cat is a breeder, there are plenty of unscrupulous breeders out there that cause all sorts of problems. Sick kittens being left to die to save money. Cats too knackered to breed anymore being abandoned in the streets. Unneutered males left to spread FIV just so they can produce sellable kittens. Underage kittens being sold long before they should leave their mothers. Plus numerous health issues and diseases being spread due to inbreeding and such. Sadly the law is currently on the side of breeders. There is nothing to make people neuter their cats. We can offer vouchers, but if they say no, we just have to accept that decision. Nor is it illegal to breed cats. It can be if it's done in an abusive way, unfortunately proving that abuse is very difficult. We also can't do anything legally about abuse cases ourselves. The best we can do is hand the evidence to the proper authorities and hope something is done. Cats Protection are trying to get changes to the law to protect cats from this kind of thing, but it's proving slow going. Breeders can create a sad cycle of unwanted cats. Cats are sold on the cheap to people who then can't afford to neuter. This results in a new batch of kittens that get sold on the cheap to people who can't afford to neuter. Which sees another unwanted batch of kittens, and so on. So please consider adopting a cat rather than buying one. This will fill the cat shaped hole in your life while helping to reduce unwanted cats needing help. In the pictures you'll see the Milton Park Crewe. A group of sick kittens left to die in a park by a breeder who didn't want to pay to make them better. While we took the kittens in, made them well, got them neutered and found them loving forever homes. We would rather not deal with half-dead kittens in a bag.