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Can you help Thor be super again?

11 August 2020
Can you help Thor be super again? Can you help Thor get back to being super? Meet Thor, he was a stray cat who had been living in the Swale area for around 2 years!

We were made aware of him during lock-down and some local people have been keeping an eye out and putting food out for him. Once restrictions were lifted we went out to check on him and brought him into our care, that’s when we noticed he had a nasty sore on his cheek, we booked a vet appointment for the next day. Overnight the sore on his cheek burst, we knew then that it was an abscess! Upon seeing the vet they managed to give him some treatment for the nasty abscess, but in the process noticed he had severe dental problems. On their advice we let him recover from the abscess before returning or extensive treatment on his teeth and gums, he’s had a lot of teeth removed and is now recovering with one of our branch fosterers.

Our fosterer has said how friendly Thor has become after his treatment. He is much calmer now, will happily have strokes and seems all round a much happier cat. We now know that his slightly grumpy temperament was probably all down to being so uncomfortable from the abscess and his teeth. Thor is having some ongoing treatment for his dental problems at the moment so currently being looked after by the fosterer, however all of his treatment so far has cost the branch a huge amount of money.

During these tricky times we haven’t been able to fundraise as we normally would so are asking if you can help fund Thor’s treatment, any donation big or small will really help us and lovely Thor.

If you can help us to give Thor the treatment he needs please go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/swale-catsprotection

Thank you for your continued support, as we would not be able to help the cats in need in Swale without it. πŸ‘πŸ±