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Door to Door Neutering

03 March 2019
Door to Door Neutering The simple fact is that neutering helps reduce the number of needy cats in Swale, so we try to promote it as much as we can. One of the new ideas we have for making sure cats are neutered is to target known problem areas with cheap neutering.
As a result we will be teaming up with Kingsferry Veterinary Surgery, Neats Court to offer £10 neutering to Noreen Avenue and Magpie/Mallard Close. Residents will be receiving leaflets for the offer during the week commencing the 4th of March.
Just before kitten season starts. This will serve as a tester for the scheme so we can get an idea of the impact and cost for future leaflet drops across Swale. We are hoping the more direct approach will neuter cats we would otherwise miss. Wish us luck.