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Good Luck Sassy

21 February 2019
Good Luck Sassy Sassy came to us around four months ago as one of three Golden Girls. While her companions Poppy and Pickles have gone to loving forever homes, Sassy has proved a challenge to rehome. At Cats Protection will feel it is unfair to leave a cat with a fosterer for too long, as they settle and start viewing it as home. As a branch we didn't feel that moving Sassy around our fosterers would be the right decision for her either. Thankfully Cats Protection Mitcham Homing Centre have given Sassy a space with them. This will give Sassy a change of scenery while opening her up to new adoption opportunities. We are very sad that we didn't find Sassy a forever home ourselves, but we know that moving her to another branch is the best chance of her getting the happilly ever after she so thoroughly deserves. Best of luck Sassy.