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Importance of micro chips

10 November 2021
Importance of micro chips One of the first questions we ask when people lose their cat is ‘is it microchipped?’ All too often the answer is unfortunately no, but the importance of having your cat microchipped has come to bear a few times in recent weeks.

First up was Oreo who started visiting a garden in Thistle Hill for food. The home owner kept feeding for a few weeks to gain his confidence, then called us to check for a microchip. Lo and behold,

Oreo had been missing for 3-4 weeks from Marden, near Staplehurst and it turns out that the owner visits Thistle Hill regularly so we can only guess that he had stowed away in the car then jumped out and got lost. The chip details were out of date for Oreo, but his rightful owner was found in the end thankfully.

Then we had Bandit, not kitten Bandit with the tail amputation that we ran an appeal for recently, but big fluffy Bandit, a beautiful grey tabby who had been missing from his home on the outskirts of Faversham for a few weeks. The finder, who lived just 2 miles away in central Faversham had alerted us to an unknown, very thin cat who was trying to get into her house. One of our volunteers drove down there to run the scanner over him and was very happy to hear the ping of a chip. The owners had recently moved and although they had not updated the chip, luckily their phone number had remained the same so a happy reunion took place.

Taz was next and he had gone missing from Sittingbourne around 6-7 months ago during a bad thunder storm. He started visiting a garden just a mile away and although the finder couldn’t get too close to him, he kept feeding him to build the trust, then called us to pick him up and check for the microchip. This time, all of the details were up to date and a very quick reunion was had. Unbelievable that he was only a mile away – the storm really must have spooked him. When you hear of a cat going missing for 6-7 months then being found safe and well, it’s a lovely story, so how about a cat missing for 4.5 years?! Yep, 4.5 years! This reunion was only possible because of a few things falling into place ….

A lady was walking around Upchurch searching for her parents cat and although she didn’t find it on that evening, she did come across a lovely grey cat that was very chatty and very friendly. Luckily, she posted on the local Facebook group about this cat and one of our volunteers saw it and responded. Turns out this cat had been crying outside a few homes for a while, so the very next morning, our volunteer went on the hunt for him and he was right where he’d been the night before, almost waiting for her! A quick check of his neck area confirmed he was chipped, was called Edward and he’d been missing for 4.5 years from an address just 1.5 miles away in Rainham. A very happy reunion took place the same day. There are so many cats out there with no microchip, it makes it very difficult to reunite them when they get lost or injured.

The stories above all happened in the past 5 weeks and it was only down to the microchip that they got home again … have you microchipped your cat? It’s very simple and not expensive at all, but it can save a lot of heartache .. speak to your vet or we can give you details of people who offer a mobile service. If you have had your cat microchipped, then thank you .. but are the details up to date? Have you moved house recently? Have you rehomed a cat from a friend/neighbour? Updating the microchip company is as important as updating your vet, please don’t forget!

This story ends with a massive thank you to our welfare team who, during all hours of the day and night will be helping to reunite cats with their owners. You are all amazing!