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Jack's story

30 October 2021
Jack Owning a kitten is the most precious thing, they bring us such joy and a ton of laughter to boot, but it’s not all plain sailing and the story of Jack serves as a reminder of just how important it is to look at insurance or have the means to pay for any issues.

Little Jack was a typical kitten, very playful and if he wasn’t chasing his siblings around the room, he’d be snoozing with them while dreaming of chasing them around the room! But one day he missed a meal, didn’t play as much and became lethargic. His fosterer took him to our regular vets at Fern Cottage who took an x-ray which showed some pneumonia, so antibiotics were given and he went back home to be with his siblings. That night however, he deteriorated very quickly with a low temperature, rapid breathing and no interest in food at all. He was quickly taken to Newnham Court vets who deal with out of hours emergencies and was put into an oxygen tent to assist with his breathing. Poor little Jack needed this oxygen support for 2 days but had to stay in the hospital for a total of 4 days receiving round the clock care. It’s a happy ending as Jack is now back with his siblings and ready for rehoming, but that happy ending came at a cost of over £1k. Before rehoming any kitten, we ensure they are healthy, but like with Jack, anything can happen throughout their life and it’s really important to make provisions for these unforeseen incidences.
An argument with a car, an awkward fall or jump, a bite from another cat, a bunged up stomach – anything can happen so it’s vital that you are able to cover the cost of any treatment needed. Of course, most cats sail through life with no issues at all, but it’s important to be aware that vet visits outside of the normal visits may happen too!

Jack and his two brothers (14 wks old) are ready for rehoming. If you feel you are kitten ready, please email adoptionteamleader@swale.cats.org.uk Thank you for reading and for your continued support.