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Meet Moose

27 March 2021
Meet Moose Meet Moose, a gorgeous but poorly boy who needs a lot of love, attention, care and meds right now. Our welfare officer took a phone call on Saturday morning from our friends at Sitti Vets who asked if we had space to take in a cat. They explained that this cat had been hit by a car in the Murston area and brought to them by a member of the public when they first opened up that morning.
Emergency treatments all done and with the cat stabilised, they decided to name him Moose and call us for the next stage of help. Of course we wanted to help, so arranged for one of our fantastic volunteers to collect him and place him in foster care. Moose has suffered a head trauma and until the swelling inside reduces, his third eye lids will remain this way. It’s not a good situation but we are very hopeful that Moose will start to feel better in the next few weeks.
He has lots of pain meds and of course some antibiotics to combat any infections, but because he was an emergency admission and because of the head trauma, we have a few things that we desperately need for him from our Amazon Wishlist if you could help us please? First up is a bed or two that allows Moose to hide away from the light in case it hurts his eyes. Next up is smelly food because he ended up with a bloodied nose and that affects his ability to smell properly, he needs proper stinky food! Lastly, it’s the foster cats favourite, a Yeowww cigar or rainbow. These 3 items will really help us to help Moose.
You can find our Wishlist here:  Amazon wishlist and if you use the filter to sort from highest priority to lowest, the items we desperately need for him will pop to the top for you. If you are able to buy him a gift, please remember to add your name to it so we can thank you. We are always very grateful for your support.
Thank you from Moose and everyone at Swale CP