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Needy Cats and the Big Cat Raffle

20 August 2019
Needy Cats and the Big Cat Raffle Cats Protection Swale is one of the smaller Cats Protection branches. We have no adoption centre, shop or fixed address. We are just a group of unpaid volunteers trying to help as many needy cats as we can. Cats like Freddie: A former street cat with FIV who is looking for a forever home. Blossom: A pregnant street cat that need emergency vet treatment with the birth to save her and her two kittens. Thankfully the trio are all okay and in their forever homes. Clawsy and Paws: This lovely duo were forced to part from their owner due to unfortunate circumstances. Hopefully they will have a new forever home soon. Odin: A one-eyed former street cat that went from begging for his supper to a loving forever home. Spud: A loving feral looking to give up the wild lifestyle and find a new forever home. Bobby: A flu-ridden stray cat handed in to a vet that became an internet sensation and went off to live in a mansion. He did well. While the dedication of our volunteers helps get needy cats back on their feet and on to a new life, it's ultimately donations from you, the public, that keep us going and allow us to help as many cats as possible. There are many ways to support our branch, but if you want to help raise money to give a much needed second chance to the needy cats of Swale, while giving yourself a chance to win one of three fabulous prizes, then please consider our Big Cat Raffle. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/thebigcatraffle