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Online buying of cats and kittens

04 August 2020
Online buying of cats and kittens Following a few reports and concerns, can we implore you all not to use online sites/social media to buy kittens/cats (or any animal).. You are taking a risk that you are getting a healthy cat, people sadly do not have the welfare of the cat at heart and many are just in it for the money. They usually have a checked history and often have not been to the vets (ask for proof such as a bill if someone says the cat has)... Kittens for sale this time of year are usually from people who have allowed their female cat to have a litter... they then sell the kittens at a much higher price then maybe in spring which is when you would normally expect kittens to be born.. Sadly supply and demand means that if there is a niche market for kittens this time of year when rescues will have far fewer (because strays are sensible and dont normally have kittens until spring or when the environment improves and the kittens have a chance of survival)...Some breeders have cottoned onto this and thus make a tidy profit due to the demand... But patience is a virtue to those that wait...Please do consider waiting a bit and then contacting your local registered rescues to be assured of a healthy puss cat/kitten.