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Origin of Chester

17 July 2019
Origin of Chester Many decades ago Buster was an unneutered black and white cat-about-town who got himself into all kinds of trouble. Especially with the ladies.
One day a hungry Buster was found by Cats Protection Swale volunteers. They fed him. Washed him. Gave him shelter. This encounter resulted in Buster becoming a changed cat. He cleaned up his act, got himself neutered, and swore to dedicate his life to helping the needy cats of Swale.
He was the hero we both needed and deserved.

Over the years Buster has been a essential part of fundraising efforts and has raised countless funds to help his fellow felines.
However he recently reached an age where he decided it was time to take someone under his wing, and help them the way Swale Cats Protection had helped him.
He spotted a potential apprentice in a young ginger cat called Axel. Axel was an unneutered street cat who was always in trouble. Yet Buster saw a goodness in him that just needed bringing out.
So Buster gave him food, shelter and a bath, taught him a better way, and slowly took off the rough edges to reveal the diamond underneath.
Axel vowed to change his ways like Buster had before him. So he got himself neutered and changed his name to a more respectable one. Chester.
As Chester he was a core part of a recent fundraising event that raised almost £700. Something he is deeply proud of. As is his mentor Buster.
Chester has now met the very nice people of Swale and is looking forward to a long life of helping others.

However its not all hard work and fundraising for the Dynamic Duo. They do get some time to themselves.
So Buster took Chester fishing.
It wasn't the most succesful day to be honest. They forgot the bait, almost fell in while trying to catch fish with their paws, and failed to catch anything.
Young Chester getting overexcited by passing ships didn't help things much. However it was a nice bit of bonding for them.