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Thank You

20 December 2018
Thank You It is the season of giving and kind people have done just that. Toys, food, blankets, towels and equipment have all be generously given by the public to the needy cats of Swale. Some of our donations are pictured below, including the Mysteryious Mystery Box of Mystery. The Mystery Box was found next to the donation point at Tesco, Sheerness, and was full of all sort of useful cat goodies, but not much is known about it. Was it all from one nice person? Maybe a kindly organisation gathered it all together? Possibly the donation point was so full that a member of staff just put the excess stuff in one place? Our favourite theory is that Santa Paws himself delivered it so that his feline friends had something to open for Christmas. Regardless of its origins, the Mystery Box, along with all the other donations, were all gratefully recieved. So a big thanks to all those who donated.