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The Three Fluffs

19 January 2019
The Three Fluffs These lovely bundles of fluff have had a tough life. Born to a feral mother they were left out on the streets in all weather. When their mum was killed by a truck, they were left alone. These three are sadly all that remains from five kittens. Thankfully Sandra, a kind lady in their area, has stepped up and given them the chance they so desperately needed. Providing warmth, love and shelter when others wouldn't. Giving them the names of Spot, Chunk and Patch in the process. When she asked us for help, we happily obliged. A volunteer picked them up and got them neutered. Thus ending the cruel cycle of unwanted kittens creating more unwanted kittens. While we were just glad to provide as much help for the little fluffs as we could, we were both surprised and grateful to receive a whopping £300 donation for our efforts. Money that will be a huge help to the needy cats of Swale.