Lorraine's marathon effort for the cats!

Lorraine doing her interval training
Lorraine has not only decided to run the Maidstone half marathon, but she's running it to raise funds for Swale Cats Protection which is brilliant news.
Here, Lorraine explains more about how this all started and her history with CP:
I joined Wellpets in Minster at the end of November 2016, so the role is all very new to me but I'm loving it. I have volunteered before, when living in Hastings, for both the Celia Hammond Animal Trust and Blue Cross helping socialise and groom cats, including looking after a couple of foster cases.
I started running in 2011 after hearing about C25K (Couch to 5K) programme for people who had never run before. Admittedly when I started I thought I would vomit or faint after the first 30 seconds, but stuck with it and became hooked. I joined Hastings Runners and did complete the Hastings Half Marathon in 2014. I had to stop running due to a back problem and last year I had a serious asthma attack that put me in hospital for almost a week. Training has had to be slow and steady. 
The training programme I am following means I train 5 days a week. As life does throws up situations, sometimes this is adjusted, but I try to stick to it as best as possible. 
I belong to the local Maidstone Leisure Centre, where the gym staff were really supportive with getting me back to exercise following the asthma attack last year. I use the gym for hill interval and speed interval training on Mondays, Tuesdays is outdoors long run day, Wednesday is rest day, Thursday is gentle recovery jog round the park, Friday is Tempo (consistent speed) training above a comfortable level on the treadmill in the gym, Saturday is another rest day, Sunday is cross training day which I'm doing swimming.
My husband and I acquired our first 2 cats from Cats Protection Hastings & Rye branch in 2011. Mum Lucy and her son Toby. Lucy (Black & White) is now 7 and Toby (Tabby) is 6. Toby is very independent and loves his own space, where Lucy loves to curl up on your lap for cuddles. Our most recent addition is Lady Freya (Black Smoke) from Headcorn branch, who is 8 years old. Freya loves to lay next to you and be groomed and if you don't give her attention she will headbutt you! 
Now you have read how hard Lorraine is training, please try to spare a little to sponsor her!  You can do so easily by clicking HERE
If you want to come and cheer her on with some of us from Swale CP, Sunday 15th October is the date for your diaries.  The start and finish is at the Cornwallis Academy, Hubbards Lane, Linton, Maidstone. ME17 4HX with the route taking in Boughton Monchelsea, Loose and East Farleigh.  You can see more details regarding the actual race HERE
You can also keep up to date with Lorraine's progress by going to her fundraising page where she regularly updates her training blog.

Below photo: Lorraine proudly displaying her new CP running vest!
   Showing off her new CP running vest