Outdoor Cats

Outdoor Cats Desperately Seeking Employment

Experienced mousers looking to further their careers

They will for 2 square meals per day keep your BARNS, STABLES and FOOD STORAGE AREAS free from mice and rats etc.

Full CV available from or Helpline 0345 260 2101 or email swanseacats@hotmail.co.uk

These are working cats, not suitable to be kept indoors but ideal for keeping mice and rats away from farms, stables and outbuildings. Outdoor cats still need to be fed twice a day, have clean water and somewhere warm to sleep (a barn or stable is ideal).

Hunting is instinctive for these cats and it is a myth that if they are well fed they will not hunt, they need their food to ensure they are fit enough to be good mousers.

All our outdoor cats are neutered and then either returned to their former location (if feasible) or re-homed. With an estimated UK population of 1.2 million feral cats neutering is vital.

If you have an area of land, away from busy roads with suitable shelter perhaps you would consider homing some outdoor cats