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Bay Magazine - June 2022

06 June 2022

Cat Tales

Swansea Cats Protection with Lyn Gardner

Swansea Cats Protection is a very well-established and highly successful homing and cat welfare branch, which has been led by the same volunteers for more than two decades. So, they’ve probably ‘seen it all’ as you might say. But a pandemic coupled with a global economic downturn is a new experience for the majority of us, so we’ve been reflecting, taking stock and asking ourselves whether it is impacting on the number of cats being surrendered into our care, or increasing the number of poor cats thoughtlessly being abandoned by their owners.

What we do know is that we are full at the moment, with a waiting list of cats and kittens of all ages and back-grounds needing to be rehomed. So, with newspaper headlines reporting a surge in so-called ‘lockdown pets’ being taken to rescue centres across the UK, we need to take notice.

Alongside this of course is the all too familiar problem of abandoned or feral female cats giving birth to kittens in gardens etc. which is just hitting us now. During lockdown, vets have only been accepting emergency cases, and even caring owners have been unable to get their cats and kittens booked in for neutering, with some people having to wait up to 6 months for an appointment.

We don’t know what the future holds, but what we do know is that we have some of the loveliest cats ready and waiting for a new home. Enjoy meeting them!


Bagheera has a story to tell and he does love to chat! This lovely, friendly cat had a wonderful life until his beloved elderly owner sadly died. But luckily, he was quickly taken in by a kind family member. Despite all her efforts poor Bagheera just couldn’t get used to living with her dog and cat and spent more and more time outdoors. So, he’s now looking for a loving home where he can enjoy the outdoors but feel safe and content to come inside as often as he likes. He’d probably prefer to be the only cat in the household.

Percy and Paige

Say hello to Percy and Paige, two delightful older kittens rescued from a garden along with their siblings. Before coming into our care, a family with children and other cats looked after them, so although rather shy and reserved, they’re used to a busy household. Paige is the more confident kitten and once she knows you, delights in a cuddle. Percy likes his space and independence but will snuggle up next to you under a blanket…so be careful not to sit on him! The kittens have thoroughly enjoyed the company and attention of a friendly adult cat, so they can join a household with an existing cat, but, have not been dog tested. Percy and Paige had a difficult start in life, but with love and care have come on in leaps and bounds. They’ve both been neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped and are ready to take that big step into their new lives. They can be homed together or separately where there is already a welcoming resident cat.

Harley and Socks

Harley and Socks (he’s the one with the cute crumpled ear) are two beautiful young cats who’ve had a very difficult time recently. Their owner was struggling to care for them as her accommodation situation was quite turbulent. Yet since being in our care Harley and Socks have blossomed…they’re looking so much better. These two are sweet natured and gentle young cats but may be a little shy when meeting new people, although they are growing in confidence and cheekiness every day! We think Socks got his distinctive ear through an untreated infection, which doesn’t appear to have impaired his hearing and of course is now completely better. The ‘tabby two’ have been through a lot in their short lives, so we’d like them to be homed together. They’ve been thoroughly vet-checked, neutered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated…they’re ready for their new life to begin.


Dainty young puss Mulan has had at least two different homes, and neither was really suitable. She’s been passed from pillar to post, but since being in our care she has really begun to settle and shown herself to be a delightful little cat. Yet dear little Mulan can get spooked sometimes when she’s fearful of things happening around her. Therefore, she’d do best in a calm, quiet household without young children, with an experienced cat owner, where she can finally feel safe and loved.


Such a handsome boy! Sox came into our care after his beloved owner died, so it’s been a difficult time for him lately, but he’s doing really well adjusting to his new situation. He’s a graceful and agile cat and certainly doesn’t look his age…not that 11 is old of course! Sox enjoyed the outdoor life, and then would saunter home after a busy day ready to cuddle up with his owner for a snooze. This beautiful, gentle boy hasn’t ever lived with dogs, but doesn’t seem to mind other cats. He deserves a happy ever after.

Tamara and Tansy

According to their fosterer Tamara and Tansy ‘have become little darlings’ which after their difficult start in life is wonderful news. These pretty older kittens were handed over to us from a kind person who cared for their mother in a garden. Tamara is mostly white with a tabby tail and ‘accessories’ and Tansy is white with ginger and tabby…such pretty kittens. Both are still timid and it would take patience from their adopters to nurture and encourage, but the payoff for anyone prepared to invest time in the them will be rewarded ten-fold. Dainty little Tamara is the most reserved, but she likes to be stroked and will say ‘hello’ when she sees you. Her delightful sister Tansy has the biggest purr! She has become very affectionate and likes gentle fuss and attention. Neither kitten are ‘lapcats’ (yet) but they’re a work in progress and may surprise us. Tamara and Tansy love to play, especially ‘hunt the ham’! They are very inquisitive and clever and when ready will no doubt adore being outdoors exploring and playing.

They like to be together but could be homed separately. They’ve not encountered dogs but should be ok to join a house-hold with existing resident cats.

We really hope you enjoyed ‘meeting’ the cats and kittens and that you’d be interested in adoption…then you can meet them for real!

We live in uncertain times but one thing we can be sure of is the kindness and generosity of our adopt-ers and supporters…thank you for caring, you make such a positive difference to the lives of cats and kittens in our care.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering one of our rescue cats or kittens please get in touch. IMPORTANT: we are keen to match the right cat to the right home, based on our knowledge of the cat and the information you provide. However, due to the high number of applications we’re sorry to be unable to respond to unsuccessful applicants. Please remember we are ALL UNPAID VOLUNTEERS trying to do our best for the rescue cats and kittens of Swansea.

We can be contacted via our Helpline 0345 2602 101 or email us at swanseacats@hotmail.co.ukPlease note our helpline is answered by a messaging service and we will respond as soon as we can.