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Fundraiser Extraordinaire!

11 June 2021

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Jean-Louis Button who asked if he could fund raise for us. Jean-Louis is cycling 10,000km around the British Isles coastline in 3 months and is raising funds for 3 fantastic charities including Swansea Cats Protection.

Jean-Louis has previously cycled 6,100km in 3 months but his latest challenge is quite mind blowing! To cover the distance Jean Louis will need to cycle between 100 - 180 kms per day!

Please read his story in the attached link which explains which charities will benefit from his mammoth challenge and why he wanted to include us as one of his charities after an encounter with a "stray" cat who helped Jean-Louis through the last lockdown.

Jean-Louis said "I was personally hit pretty hard with mental health issues, as was SO many of us, and at just the right point in time, a beautiful feline creeped through my door whilst I was sleeping and woke me up with a gentle purr. Since then, she has brought so much love, happiness and comfort for me, that I feel the need to give back and help one of the UK's largest cat welfare charities. I can totally see why the Ancient Egyptians worshipped the cats and thought of them to be magical creatures, because I think they’re right on the money there and I honestly don’t know how I would have coped without having the loving company of this mystery cat!"


If you could sponsor Jean-Louis and show your support it would be much appreciated

We will be following Jean-Louis and we will post regular updates. He is leaving Swansea on 22nd June and will cycle the Welsh coast for the first part of his challenge

You can also follow Jean-Louis on Instagram @jlbutton25 & @jlcharitytour

Thanks Jean-Louis for choosing us as one of your charities, the cats and kittens are very appreciative of your efforts for them. We are all behind you and look forward to "virtually" following you around the UK Coast!