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Happy New Year!

01 January 2022
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
It’s not been an easy year for any of us has it? And at Swansea Cats Protection we’ve certainly had our challenges, our scream out-loud frustrations and unfortunately moments of utter despair and sadness. But despite all this we’ve come through it more or less still standing. Actually more than that…we’ve achieved so much, transforming the lives of countless cats and kittens…and quite a few humans too!
We homed an incredible, utterly staggering 292 cats and kittens, around 25 of which were feral cats relocated to caring, outdoor homes like smallholdings and stables. Our wonderful volunteers worked hard to help over 320 owned cats get neutered and they trapped, neutered and returned more than 300 feral cats, who can now live more safely and healthily. And hats off to our tireless fosterers who’ve spent their days and nights lovingly nurturing tiny abandoned kittens.
Through scanning for microchips and also a bit of careful sleuthing, we reunited 18 lost cats (and 2 dogs!) to very grateful owners. Our 2 lovely charity shops have gone from strength to strength despite all that the year has thrown at them…the volunteers and staff have been remarkable.
That’s quite an achievement for such a small Branch of volunteers isn’t it?
And the kindness of our supporters, adopters and donors has known no bounds. The vets and nurses at Gibson and Jones in Gowerton and Llanelli, and those at branches of St James vets, have given their all to help care for our rescue cats, at times going above and beyond.
And here’s to the cats we’ve loved and lost and to those still waiting for a loving home…your lives are precious and we do it because of you 😻
Thanks to you all and we hope you have a wonderful New Year…see you in 2022 and we’ll do it all again!