Daisy - eyeliner look!   Daisy   Daisy

Daisy is a 9 year-old female cat who first came to us in 2013 and found a new home. She returned to us in October 2020, when her owner died, and is desperately seeking a forever home.  

She is mainly white with black markings. From the left side she is just black on her tail and head but on her right hand side she has several black patches. She has very long legs so looks very elegant. Daisy has a very pretty face and looks like she has eyeliner on!

Despite being 9 years old she is an active cat and is perfectly capable of acting like a kitten. She will charge up and down stairs playing with her ball. She loves to play and will chase her toys around the house, leaving them wherever she feels, even in your bed, before she snuggles down somewhere hidden!  She loves a box and will always investigate one that is unattended.

Initially she was nervous but has become more confident. She clearly loves affection but on her own terms. If she has had enough of being stroked she will tell you, will run off and take cover somewhere where she feels safe. She is a lovely companion cat, and, although she is not quite a lap cat yes (we're working on it), she will come to you when called, or if you have just come in and she feels like having some company.  It should be noted, though, that although she is friendly and will sit on you and play etc she really does not like being picked up or held.

Daisy is looking for a quieter home with no children or other animals, and while she loves company she isn’t keen on having multiple people around so a single person for 1:1 attention would be ideal.