Darcy and Louis

Darcy   Louis  
Darcy and Louis are lovely 10 year old cats looking for a home preferably together, although separate homes will be considered. They would not be suitable for homes with children, dogs or other cats. They are both in good health, vaccinated, microchipped, etc. Playful for their age, they love to chase string, run after balls, etc.

They came to us after many happy years with their owner when she developed a serious health issue. All they want is a quiet home with a garden and lots of TLC and attention.

Darcy, born April 2010, is a lovely, slightly timid, female and can be quite ‘soppy’ at times. As a kitten she was handed to the RSPCA with three brothers as the owner could not look after them. She is predominantly black with white markings. Darcy will be very shy initially and will come to you for cuddles only when she feels safe.  Once she is settled, she will be very loving but it takes her a long time to trust.

Louis, born May 2010, is a black male with a few white whiskers and occasional white hair. He was found on a building site as a kitten and handed to the RSPCA. He is very friendly and outgoing, a lap cat who will happily snuggle up on the sofa with you or curl up beside you on the bed. Quite nervous to start with but will settle quite quickly. He loves lots of attention and will happily spend most of the day around people. Endearingly, he will put his paw out to pull your arm towards him when he wants a fuss.

Louis is the dominant cat, with Darcy playing second fiddle although we think she could blossom into a ‘top cat’ in her own right if she was on her own or didn’t have to share a single owner with Louis. She would be better with an older lady giving 1:1 attention, or if homed with Louis, with a couple giving each of them 1:1 attention.