Lady is a 14 year old black and white, long-haired female. She has had a neglected past and a medical condition, both of which have now been consigned to history.

Lady is now ready and waiting for a permanent, loving, forever home.  She would make a good companion cat for an older person.

She came into our care in January 2020 after having being neglected by her owner. She weighed just 2.2kg, wasn’t clean, had the runs and was generally unhappy. The vet later diagnosed an overactive thyroid and put her on tablets as the thyroid could not be operated on until September 2020, after lockdown. We were then approached by a lady who had previously had some long term foster cats and who was prepared to take on Lady. Sadly, that lady died just after Christmas and so Lady came back to us and is with another fosterer. 

She was very quiet and timid initially with her current fosterer. She took a little while to get used to the new family and stayed in her room quite a bit at the start, and will still return there if she is frightened by anything. She is now very affectionate and loves to sit on laps and be stroked. She will let you brush her which, as she sometimes gets her long fur in her dish when she is eating, is essential.

Food-wise, initially it was difficult to get her to eat sufficient, but her appetite now seems to have fully returned and she will ask for more food. She will also watch a yogurt being eaten spoonful by spoonful in the hope of being able to lick out the pot! In the morning she waits patiently by the bed for her breakfast. If kept waiting too long she will jump up on the bed as a reminder that lie-ins are not allowed. She is always at the door when her fosterer gets home and then follows her around the house until she is fed. At her last weight check, she was 2.8kg but we would like to see her put on a bit more weight.

Even though she is a mature cat she still likes to chase a laser light and a mouse on a string.  The only time she has been heard to meow/hiss was when a particular cat that she had taken a dislike to walked by the patio doors, possibly for daring to venture on to HER territory! 

She is litter trained and uses a scratching post.

So, a big positive difference to when she was taken in. Together with lots of Tender Loving Care, patience and removal of the thyroid she is now a completely different, happy cat and is ready to be rehomed.