Ollie is a handsome, long-haired black and white male, about 12 years old who is looking for a rather special home. 

We homed Ollie as a kitten more than 10 years ago but he turned up as a stray during 2020. We believe he had been a stray for about one year. He was quite disturbed when he came back to us as he had been used to a home but had been out for quite a while and wasn’t happy with people. He also looked a bit battered when he came back to us. 

With lots of Tender, Loving Care (TLC) and pampering he has rebuilt his confidence and is now a lovely boy with a nice nature and very docile. He is permitting some gentle brushing and he's quite a big handsome lad, despite his battle scars, with big paws and a big personality to match! 

As he had been a stray for a year or so, at first he wasn’t used to being back indoors, exploring the fosterer’s house and trying to open doors and windows, obviously looking for a way to escape. But he gradually calmed down and now happily roams around the house without trying to get out at all. He may well enjoy going outside eventually but would need to be kept in for quite a while initially, as he may be inclined to stray again until he’s sure that his new home is permanent.

He is quite a vocal cat especially when hungry (and he has a healthy appetite!), but also very friendly and playful once he’s settled in. While he doesn't sit on the fosterer’s lap yet, he often sleeps next to him on the settee and is by his feet when he’s working in his office. Ollie definitely likes company! He has slept on the bed, both with and without anyone else there, and purrs very loudly once he is relaxed. The bed has an electric blanket which was left on for him, and it became his favourite sleeping place. 

His ideal home would possibly be with a couple or a single person who have some experience of cats and a bit of time on their hands in order to give Ollie the attention he needs to give him confidence in his new, forever home.

If you think you’re what he’s looking for please "Contact us about this cat'.

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