Otis is a gorgeous, affectionate, 3 year old, white and black, semi-longhaired, neutered and microchipped male who has already had two homes and really wants a forever home. He's a laid-back cat and will immediately settle into a new home.

He is a large, well built cat who likes lots of attention and is always interested in what is going on around him. He's very energetic and playful, enjoys chasing string, balls, etc and he loves catnip. He doesn't really like being touched on his underside or rear, like most cats. Initially, while he's still getting to know you, if you're doing something he doesn't like he will grab and hold your hand in his mouth and he needs to be coaxed into releasing your hand - this may be due to previous bad experience(s). He doesn't puncture the skin, he just holds firmly on to the hand! 

Otis will happily sit on your lap or sofa arm next to you. He can also be picked up but generally only for short periods as there's always something else that interests him and that needs investigating. :-)  He also loves being groomed on his head, back and sides.

Food-wise we were told he ate hard food but our experience is that he loves soft food and only occasionally touches hard food, even treats! The only exception to the treats is that he does like Tasty Sticks or similar. He really loves cat millk but should only have a small quantity per day as it can cause diarhhoea. He's also fully litter-trained.

His new home would ideally be one without children because of his tendency to grab a hand in his mouth when he doesn't like what is happening to him, and children would unknowingly try to pull their hand back out of his mouth, rather than holding it still, and their skin could be punctured.

If you think you’re what he’s looking for please "Contact us about this cat'.

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