Black Cat Day 27th October - 10th Anniversary

Several years ago black cats were proving difficult to rehome so Cats Protection (CP) initiated Black Cat Day which is celbrated annually on 27th October. Below you can find some national statistics, a special quiz, a video, and one of Swindon's own success stories.

Did you know ...?

Here are some interesting Cats Protection facts for you about the black cats that we have rehomed:

  • 44% of cats homed through Cats Protection centres in the last 10 years have been black or black and white cats.

  • Over the last 10 years our centres have homed over 65,000 black and black and white cats.

  • In the last 5 years, we’ve reduced the length of stay for black/black and white cats in our care by 21% (from 47 days to 36 days).

  • On average in 2019 black/black and white cats took only 2 more days to home vs other cats (the gap was 4 days five years ago).

Fun Black Cat Quiz

Join in the fun and hold your own Black Cat Quiz with your friends and family, see how much you know about them, while raising funds for Swindon Branch of Cats Protection. You can find out how to do so here.

The Tale of Liquorice Mick

Watch this heart-warming tale, The Tale of Liquorice Mick, from Bob Mortimer that was created for last year's Black Cat Day. 

Swindon Branch's Black Cat Story - Tommy

Tommy had quite a chequered history with us. He decided at one stage that he didn't want to be a foster cat and proceeded to escape through the smallest of gaps in an open window. He was missing for several months until a lady feeding a stray had to go into hospital, the cat was checked for a microchip and it was Tommy. He does like older ladies and found one who really looked after him; he was in very good condition.

He is 6 years old and initially came into care when his older lady owner died. He was very wry and timid originally but became more confident the longer he was with us. He is a bit of a hunter and, as he's quite leggy, he may have a bit of Siamese in him. This might explain why he latches onto an individual. He prefers ladies to men and once you get his affection then he will come to you, sit by you, and sleep next to you at night (no matter how hot it is!).

We were lucky that a lady on her own was looking for another cat and she was happy to give Tommy a try. It has worked out brilliantly and he is very happy in his new home. She said "Some people say that black cats are lucky and I feel very lucky indeed to have been able to adopt Tommy. He was shy at first but is growing in confidence as we get to know each other. He is a friendly fellow with a very loud purr. He likes to investigate what I am up to, often making a guest appearance when I have a Zoom call. When he's not patrolling the garden he likes to snooze on a sunny windowsill. It's been lovely to see him relax into his new surroundings and make himself at home." Here's a photo of him happily surveying his new territory.