Keeping your cat safe at Christmas

Christmas for cats can, unknowingly to owners, be fraught with danger from decorations, plants, and foods. 

Cats Protection have put together some advice for owners about Christmas hazards and what to do if your cat is poisoned.

Cats can also become stressed because a strange atmosphere with lots of noise, unfamiliar people coming and going (parties - if we're allowed them!!), and a house filled with unusual smells and sounds can be unsettling for many. Others may become disorientated by moving furniture and excessive cleaning that happens around Christmas time.

Below is a taster of what is covered. Follow the link and read the advice in full in order to save your cat from danger and stress and to save you the cost of vet's bills over the Festive Season. 

Christmas trees - toxic tree oils, fertilisers, plant food and fallen needles

Decorations - glass baubles and tinsel

Plants - many plants in the home for this season can be toxic to cats, causing illness and, in some cases, death
Festive food that is poisonous - includes some everyday food like garlic, onions, raisins, grapes, chocolate