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Government Consultation on Compulsory Cat Microchipping

04 February 2021
Government Consultation on Compulsory Cat Microchipping

Since 2016 it has been required that dogs across the UK are microchipped, but the same rules have not been applied for pet cats. Addressing this inequity by bringing in a change in the law has been a priority campaign for Cats Protection for a number of years.

The government is now consulting on bringing in compulsory microchipping of pet cats and has asked the public for their views. The government consultation closes on 17 February 2021.

Cats Protection has led the campaign for this to be introduced and is asking as many supporters as possible to respond to the consultation through our campaign page - click here to view

So far, over 7,000 supporters have written to the government – but the more responses we have, the better the chance of the government acting.

How will this help Cats Protection?

Across the UK there are 2.6 million owned cats without a microchip – given this, it is no surprise that Cats Protection takes in thousands of unchipped strays each year, many of whom are unable to be reunited with their owners.

Over a quarter of owned cats in the UK do not have a microchip – despite efforts to increase this, there hasn't been a big increase in the number of microchipped cats for a number of years. The only way to really tackle this issue is to require cats to be microchipped.

We know compulsory microchipping works, following the introduction of compulsory chipping of dogs the percentage of canines chipped has reached 92%, while the percentage of pet cats is 71%. 

With your help we can push this change in the law over the line and reunite thousands more cats with their owners.

Note for those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

The current consultation and action through our campaign page is only focused on England – however, anyone can take part regardless of where they are in the UK. It is important we get supporters across the UK to act because if we can get compulsory microchipping in England first then the rest of the UK is likely to follow. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will need to take action separately as animal welfare law is devolved but England can set the precedent. If you know people in these area please ask them to support this campaign too.