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28 June 2018

Cats Protection has a website for young people who surf the Net and love all things feline!

It features information and news about the charity, cat care tips and a range of activities to provide hours of enjoyment for children and early teens
The website is called ‘Cats for Kids’ and can be viewed at www.cats.org.uk/catsforkids

The ’Cats for Kids’ website is an ideal way for young people to learn about the nation’s favourite pet, as well as responsible cat ownership, and have a lot of fun in the process.  The site is free to use and there’s something for everyone – so why not log on and join in!"

Among the site’s highlights are:

Your cat friends

This is an area dedicated to you and your favourite feline friend. It contains a gallery for you to share your artwork, photography skills and cat with the world!

Fun with cats
From making something fun for your cat, to taking a cat quiz, there's plenty of fun to be had in this section

All about cats

Although cats can be very independent they do need your help and care. That's why this section also looks at ways to look after and have fun with your cat

See behind the scenes from cat care to fundraising events, we carry a video camera to take you through the world of Cats Protection

Read all about cats - from reading your cat's body language to weird and wonderful cat facts


Heroic wallpapers and screensavers to decorate your mobile or desktop! Cat-ify your computer with a selection of Cats for Kids wallpapers, screensavers and mobile wallpapers featuring Supercat

A video blog


You can play Supercat games featuring Supercat and his friends (and enemies)

The site is linked to the main Cats Protection website - www.cats.org.uk which provides more information about the work of the charity.