TerraCycle Program At Our Centre

TerraCycle UK Program At Our Centre

January 2021
Centre permanently closed. Unfortunately we are unable to continue our Terracycle program. Thank you for all of our supporters while we were running the scheme. Please visit TerraCycle's website for alternative drop off locations. Thank you.

March 2020
Sadly, we are having to put our recycling collecting on hold as the decision has been made to close our centre to the public for now, due to the Corona virus pandemic. 
We won't appear as a collection point on TerraCycle's map for the foreseeable future but, as soon as we can, we will start collecting again. Please check TerraCycle's website for their map to find alternative collection points, and keep collecting that packaging. 

Please check our website home page or this blog for updated information.

February - March 2020
So far, we have collected enough packaging to send 2 parcels off to TerraCycle UK - hooray!

I check our credits and we have been awarded credits equal to £11.43! Hopefully this will turn into a good fund-raiser for our cats.

Visitors have been doing a wonderful job rinsing and drying the packaging before dropping it off to us so it is quick and easy for us to package and send off. Thank you so much!

January 2020

We are having people drop off their packaging quite regularly.
It is surprising how many people are aware we exist as a collection point, purely from being on TerraCycle's map! Thankfully, this is probably because so many people are conscious about reducing waste and recycling these days.
By mid-January, I have packed enough pouches to send our first parcel off! 
We have to send at least 7 kg to be eligible for credits, and credits turn into money for our cats... It transpires there are a LOT of pouches needed to make 7kg!! 
I have to pack and unpack 2 boxes because they aren't big enough!!
Finally we have 10kg of plastic to send away and I organise the first collection.
A real achievement!

December 2019

Just before Christmas, my Manager forwarded an email to me from Head Office saying Cats Protection were going to become partners with TerraCycle® UK and they wanted people in adoption centres and branches to volunteer as contacts. I was so excited!
I volunteered and was sent information on how to set up our Homing & Information centre as a collection point.
What a Christmas present!! :-)
By the end of the year, we appear on TerraCycle's® map as an official collection point - Hooray!

Summer 2019

During 2019, I learned about TerraCycle® UK and the wonderful initiatives they have recycling various products, such as crisp packets, coffee pods and stationery, and turning them into new products such as fence posts and planters!
They also recycle pet food pouches, which was of particular interest to me working here!
I read about the process on their website and told my Manager about the programme.
I began rinsing and saving the cat food pouches here at the centre.
I hoped at some point there would be a new collection point somewhere local where I could drop all the plastic off that I was saving... it was starting to pile up in my garage!