Recycle with TerraCycle UK

*Update, Wednesday 18th March: Due to the Corona virus crisis, the decision has been made to close our centre temporarily. This means we are unable to collect packaging for recycling at the moment.
Please check TerraCycle's website for the map of collection points to find an alternative.
We will keep you updated as the situation changes.
Thank you for your patience.*

TerraCycle UK and Cats Protection: Taunton Homing & Information centre is now collecting plastic packaging for recycling!


As shown above, we accept:
  • all wet pet food pouches
  • all pet treat flexible plastic packaging and pouches
  • all dry pet food plastic packaging

TerraCycle® recycle lots of different products (see for more details)

How do I recycle my pet food packaging?

Please follow these steps:
1. Make sure all excess food is removed
2. Rinse wet food pouches thoroughly and let them dry
3. Collect them in a box (best way) or bag
4. Bring them to us - easy!

Please note: We cannot accept soaking wet packaging.
It will be refused by our collection service.

We can earn 50 TerraCycle® points for each kilogram sent.
These points turn into money to help our cats; hooray!

What happens with the packaging?

We send it to TerraCycle® where it is sorted, shredded and washed. Any food residue is composted.
The material is made into hard plastic pellets
that can make different plastic products, like
fence posts and benches.