Marmalade to SpongeBob!

Success story - 13 years on!

I bumped into Soona (fosterer) at my local gym a couple of days ago and recognised her from when she brought me my kitten back in 1999.
I told her how he was getting on and she said I should write and tell you………so here goes!
He was a ginger kitten caught by the CPL in the Black Bull car park in Yarm high street ( son of Yarm wild cat I was told by Soona) He was so frightened when he came to me at about 10 weeks old …he spent the first few weeks living behind the freezer. I think he was called Marmalade when we got him but my daughter re-named him Spongebob.
He eventually came to trust us and became an important part of our family…..infact he is now almost 13years old and is the most amazing cat we’ve ever had.
He has such a wonderful nature that last year I had him assessed to become registered as a “Pets As Therapy” visiting cat. He was successful and is now the second PAT cat in the Teesside area. This charity has hundreds of volunteer dogs but only 2 cats, of which Spongebob is now one. He and I visit a Care Home a couple of times a month where he lets the residents stroke and talk to him……all very therapeutic for them and he doesn’t seem to mind it…….infact he likes the trip out!
Perhaps you know of other cats in the area who like to do this sort of thing……..must go as we have a “visit” at 3pm!