Hartlepool Kitten Crisis

PerryGingerSnowflakeTreacleThese kittens all came from a house in Hartlepool. We already have two timid kittens at Andrea's (fosterer1) from the same house.
On Thursday we will take 5 more and four have just been born ready for us in 6 weeks time.
Normally we do not take kittens away from their mums until they are 8 weeks old and as you know we keep them as a litter of kittens, playing together, for a week when they are vaccinated then happily rehomed.
However these kittens were being eaten alive by fleas in a multi cat/dog/children (and drunken) household.
It was important to take them before they could be sold and to take their mothers quickly to the vet so as to stop the trade.

Hartlepool Council who provides the social housing has at last woken up to the state of affairs and is threatening drastic action unless things improve.

When in the house it is wise to keep moving or you could stick to the floor                              .
Wiping feet on the grass helps when you leave and taking deep breaths of fresh air..

These kittens needed to have kitten milk added to small amounts of kitten Felix and be encouraged to lap 6 times a day.
They were so weak from the fleas (and there mother had had so many litters before) that they were barely able to staggered around.
Luckily Hazel (fosterer2),has retired from her "proper" job and has the time and energy to give them.
 Now it is hard to keep up with their antics and they are proper kittens .
Marie (fosterer3) will take the next lot.
We have sent vast amounts of Frontline with Irene (volunteer) who has the unpleasant job of dealing with this family. The dogs have been sprayed as well and the council will need to fumigate when we have all the kittens out.
Why you may ask do we not take all the adult cats to rehome. It is heart breaking to return them.
But...... They have all been neutered.
 This family "love cats and dogs"; - they would simply replace them with other unneutered animals and the whole cycle will start again; and unfortunately we just do not have the space.
Kittens will always find good homes but the mothers we have for a longer time.
"We do what we can".