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Happy Ending

28 May 2019
Happy Ending Sabrina and Floss originally came from a multi-cat household where the landlord did not want cats in his property. They went from Poole to Axhayes, the Cats Protection Homing Centre near Exeter, but did not stay long before they were rehomed. Unfortunately, this did not work out and they were offered to the Teignbridge & Torbay branch for rehoming. They were quite shy and disorientated by all the moving around but at last it seems they have found their forever home in Ivybridge where they will be loved and cared for well.

Their new owner reports that they have settled in very well: "Floss tends to favour hiding either behind the sofa or under my daughter's bed, then comes out and sits with me and Sabrina on the sofa of an evening. Sabrina has explored everywhere, she’s loving the cat nip toys! She'll sleep on my bed in the evening. Such a joy having them both."