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Purrfect Landlords

27 March 2019
Purrfect Landlords
Cats Protection has launched a major new campaign to help more people living in rented housing own a pet cat. The UK’s largest cat charity is offering free guidance to landlords and letting agents to help ensure that tenancy agreements reflect modern day living.
It’s common for tenancies to contain blanket ‘no pets’ policies but with more and more people now renting, this means landlords are missing out on a huge pool of responsible tenants who would treat properties as a valued home.

Whether you’re a tenant, a private landlord or a social housing provider, there’s plenty of reasons why cats make the perfect pets for rented homes.

So the charity has launched a new website full of guidance for landlords and tenants about allowing cats into their properties and addressing any concerns. The website, at www.cats.org.uk/purrfectlandlords includes free, downloadable legal wording for landlords and letting agents to add to their own tenancy agreements, setting out simple conditions on cat ownership to protect and benefit both landlords and tenants.