Why neuter your cat?

Neutering is an operation carried out on male and female cats to stop them producing litters of kittens.
Lovely as kittens are, there are already many thousands of unwanted cats and it's important that you don't add to the problem by allowing your pet to produce unwanted kittens that can't be homed.
Neutered cats are happier, healthier and make better pets. They are also less likely to stray from home.
If you can't afford to neuter your cat and live in the Telford area, we may be able to help. For more information please ring 01952 305645
Did you know? 
  • A female cat can become pregnant from just four months old. She could have up to three litters leach year with five or six kittens in each litter. This means that in just five years she could be responsible for 20,000 descendants!
  • A neutered cat may be less likely to catch some of the most dangerous cat diseases.
  • Many cats killed on the road are un-neutered males
  • A neutered cat is more likely to stay close to home and will therefore be a safer and better pet
  • Neutered cats are less likely to wander, protect their territory, or get into fights than other cats
  • Cats (male and female) should ideally be neutered from four months of age.