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Air Gun petition

07 May 2018

Cats Protection air gun petition – 100k signatures needed, please help us get there!

Cats Protection is urgently asking all supporters to sign our petition calling on the UK Government to introduce air gun licensing in England and Wales to help us reach our 100,000 signature goal.

Currently, air guns in England and Wales are unlicensed. This means people intent on cruelty can legally get their hands on these lethal weapons. Without licensing, it is very difficult for the police to track down the people who use these weapons to inflict harm on cats.

Too many cats like Jalapeno, who lost an eye after being shot with an unlicensed air gun, are victims of cruel attacks and you can help by signing our petition calling for licensing.

We have nearly reached 100,000 signatures and we need your support today to protect cats like Jalapeno.

We want to see England and Wales follow the example of Scotland and Northern Ireland, where it is illegal to possess an unlicensed air gun.

Northern Ireland has the fewest shootings as a result, and Scotland has experienced a reduction in incidents since licensing was introduced at the beginning of 2017.


Thank you.